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About Claiborne


Claiborne Holtzman was born on January 16, 1949 in Ridgeway, NC (Warren County) to his parents Christian Fred Holtzman, Sr. and Eva Seaman Holtzman. He was the youngest of four boys. His Dad worked for the NCDOT and his Mother was postmaster for 38 years.  After her retirement and death the post office she ran was renamed in her honor. Even though both parents worked outside of the home, they also worked a small farm where Claiborne and his brothers learned the principles of hard work and responsibility. Working side by side with other workers of the farm they feed animals, planted crops, and tended the harvest.  During harvest time he would sell watermelon and the famous "Ridgeway" cantaloupe on roadside stands to make money to buy his clothes and supplies for school in the fall. During cotton picking season, Claiborne would drive the old Allis Chambers tractor to school and drop off the picked cotton at the cotton gin then leave school in the afternoon to pick the wagon back up and take it home and work in the fields till dark. On Sundays after church, he would ride his faithful plow horse to the next town 2 miles away and give free horseback rides to the neighborhood kids.

Claiborne attended Norlina High School. At a very early age Claiborne had a desire to pursue ministry work and it was recommended that he leave Norlina High School to further his calling. So, with his parent's support, he enrolled in Concordia Preparatory School and moved to Bronxville, NY to finish the 11th and 12th grade. While there, he played baseball and received the Babe Ruth award and scholarship. He was also Co-Captain of the football team and received the All Conference Football Award. He graduated from high school in 1967, junior college in 1969 in Bronxville and received an Associate of Arts Degree. Then Claiborne moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana to further his education in ministerial studies and attended Concordia Senior College where he graduated with a BS in a double major of Sociology and Psychology. He then went on to become an ordained minister serving in churches in Fort Wayne, IN, Houston, TX, and then back to Warren County, NC.  Claiborne transitioned out of church ministry and is now working with people on their day to day needs through his current business of natural health. He and his wife, Jennifer, opened up a Health Food Store in 1994 in Tarboro, NC and one in Rocky Mount, NC in 1996. They now operate only one store in Rocky Mount called “Remedy This...Naturally!”.  Claiborne has studied extensively in the realm of natural health in various places all over the world with his favorites being Hawaii, Alaska, Switzerland, and China.

Claiborne and his wife Jennifer live in Rocky Mount, NC with their young son and Claiborne also has two adult children.

Claiborne believes in Faith, Family, better opportunity and education for all.

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